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Basis Workshop 2.-4. September

Integral Yoga 2.0 near Hannover / Germany
The Revolution of the Human Nature


Integral Yoga 2.0 is a school for yoga, personality development and formless mysticism. Integral Yoga 2 raises the efficiency of yoga by freeing it of romanticism and unnecessary ballast without reducing or compromising it in its substance.

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This system orientates itself directly at the primary objective of yoga and the results thereof are more immediate and extensive than that of the original traditions. This, and many other features, provide this form of yoga with an indescribable dynamic. IY2 Yoga goes beyond the boundaries of reason, endeavouring to reach spiritual self-realisation by directly focusing on the yogic goal. We also provide ongoing courses for yoga teachers of all traditions.

Our programme also includes a Yoga Teacher Training course. 2.0 Yoga is very different from mainstream Yoga. Integral Yoga 2.0 is visionary in its consequential pursuit towards the ultimate goal of yoga. You are very welcome to join us and become part of this vision. Should our yoga teacher training programme be of interest to you then please contact us for further information.

IY2.0 is neither New Age nor Esotericism

We offer a form of yoga and meditation that stands out from the rest. IY2.0 is a powerful synthesis combining the timeless knowledge of Far Eastern mysticism with the verifiable findings from the Western Sciences, such as philosophy and psychology. The term Integral Yoga was most prominently coined by the Indian philosopher and mystic Sri Aurobindo. Other important individuals in this context are the great Indian sage and yogi Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) and Ken Wilber (*1949), an outstanding contemporary integral philosopher.

This approach has nothing to do with the New Age movement or esotericism, presenting neither withdrawal from the world nor an archaic, unworldly philosophical concept. IY2.0 doesn’t stand for reformation but for revolution - the revolution of the human nature.

Yoga Courses near Hannover, Yoga Retreat in India and more

Should you be looking for a yoga and meditation possibility near Hildesheim or Hannover than you might find IY2.0 an interesting alternative. Our IY2.0 centre is in Hildesheim and within easy reach of Hannover, being only 40 km (25 miles) away.

Our yoga classes take place on a weekly basis, between 7.30pm and 9pm, on Tuesdays. Furthermore, our agenda includes an annual Yoga Retreat to India plus several intensive weekend retreats spread out over the year. Should you have any questions relating to our teachings or retreats then please contact us by phone or email, we will be glad to be of assistance.

IY2.0 near Hildesheim – the Yoga Upgrade!

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Integral Yoga 2.0

school for yoga, personality development
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