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Formless mysticism

A mystic of this level is a siddha, a man who has realized himself. In the moment of enlightenment the absolute truth is revealed to the mystic; he experiences the full consciousness of God. He realizes that his essence and God are identical. Although afterwards he has to go back into the world; this experience will change his mind irrevocably. The following process will then show how these changes will impact on his life.

The word “mysticism” stems from the Greek word “mystikos” (mysterious) and is derived from the Latin word "mysterium". “Mysterium” or mystery means that there is a secret doctrine. This however does not accurately describe what mysticism is. Only someone who wants to hide something has secrets. For the mystic there is nothing to hide, nothing hidden, no secret doctrine and nothing mysterious. The opposite is the case. It is the mystic's nature to question and to penetrate all things in order to understand and uncover their essence. Doing this, he exceeds the boundaries of ordinary reason. What sets him apart from other people is the intensity, the ruthlessness and the uncompromising way in which he does this - although there certainly are significant differences in degree. The clearest expression of this quality reveals itself in the formless and the non-dual forms of mysticism.

The Yogi Ramana Maharshi from South India was considered as one of the great masters. When he was once asked by one of his visitors what would constitute a self-realized person, he replied: "Your question is contradictory. Either you are a person or you are self-realized."

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