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We would like to introduce you to a few of the spiritual Masters whose philosophies are reflected or incorporated within the Integral Yoga 2 framework. The additon of other masters, teachers and systems would be required to complete the list as IY2 is not a rigid system but an evolving organic process subject to natural changes. Our essential work was complemented by the development of secondary processes which had a dynamic of their own and whose connection to the overall concept was not always immediately clear. Here,the works of Ken Wilber have been of indescribable help.

Sri Aurobindo did exceptional and pioneering work concerning the merging of Western science with Eastern spirituality. Many spiritual masters came to the West but they came to teach. Sri Aurobindo, however, came to learn. His intuition suggested that the most significant insights into the research of the consciousness would come from the West – and he was right!

The holy Yogi Ramana Maharshi, from the Arunachala mountain, was another exceptional individual who is considered to be one of the greatest masters of modern times. According to Ken Wilber, he is perhaps the greatest Guru who ever walked the face of this earth.

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