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Integral Yoga 2.0  –  2.0 IY

In Integral Yoga 2.0 Yoga, demonstrable knowledge of Western psychology, philosophy, science and the timeless knowledge of far eastern mysticism are united into a powerful synthesis. The instructions follow clearly defined systematics.
An overview of Integral Yoga 2.0:

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Integral Yoga is a very modern and open system in which ideas of the American philosopher Ken Wilber are combined with the approaches of various forms of Yoga. Ken Wilber is one of the most prominent contemporary philosophers and is the most widely read non-fiction author in the United States. His work was met with great response worldwide, and brought forth a global integral network. The core theme of his work is human development; discovering, developing, and uncovering new possibilities and potentials. He defines human beings as the currently last link in the chain of Evolution and shows that human development is still far from being completed ("Up from Eden").


IY 2.0 is systematic transformation

Ken Wilber points out that at all times, including today, there were people who have achieved leaps forward in evolutionary development. He also shows that these leaps forward were not random, but the defined results of systematic instructions and aspirations. His integral approach is a fascinating synthesis of cutting-edge knowledge of Western psychology and the timeless knowledge of Eastern mysticism. The idea is to, as individually as possible, systematically work with different methods on as many defined levels/stages as possible. Experience shows that the resulting personal development is skyrocketing.

Integral Yoga is much more than just the sum of its parts. What sets it apart from therapeutic work is the orientation. In therapeutic work, the focus is directed towards the elimination of specific deficiencies, whereas integral yoga follows an all-inclusive, transformative approach.

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