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Yoga in the occident

Yoga has become enormously popular in the last few years. If people from the West talk about yoga they usually mean Hatha-Yoga. The postures in Hatha Yoga (Asanas) are very effective and can easily - and faster than many other methods - trigger states of deep relaxation.  Other results of regular Yoga exercise are, among other things, an improved ability to concentrate and a higher immunity against stress. Additionaly the posture, coordination, and flexibility of the body improve, as does the general physical condition.


Particularly physical exercises are seemingly easy to convey; the wanted results can occur, even when the person who is doing the instructions only has a superficial understanding of Yoga. If you confuse those effects, which are undoubtetly pleasant and desirable, with the true purpose of Yoga, you excessively increase the side effects that typically occur in the preperation stage of your Yoga praxis, while the original meaning gets lost in it's entirety. Apart from a few exceptions, this is what has happened extensively to Yoga in the West.


For good reasons, Yoga was traditionally passed on directly by a Yoga master or at least by a person, who has been authorised by him. IY2.0 connects to the roots of Yoga by realigning with it's original purpose. Thus IY2.0 beings, where the others stop.

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